Photo Courtesy of the LA Galaxy

PODCAST: Vanney opens camp ready for TAM players as the Galaxy sign a defender

Vanney and the LA Galaxy are back in training camp. We discuss all the news-nuggets that happened on day one and bring you some signing news.

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — The LA Galaxy are back in preseason camp for the first time in 2021. And while the workouts may be voluntary, the club isn’t treating it that way. 

On today’s show, your hosts (Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter) take you through the first day of camp, through an exciting media conference call, and through a Galaxy signing that is on the cusp of being announced. 

The guys will start by talking about the first day of preseason training and why the word “voluntary” needs to come with quotation marks. How did the Galaxy fair in their first chance to run around and kick each other? And what did Greg Vanney see in his team for their first training session?

Plus, the Galaxy want to add players. We’ll tell you how many and why that matches-up with an earlier report we told you about. And the level of those players is higher than you think. We’ll let Vanney tell you why he’s got to make some TAM signings that will be good for the next five or more years. 

There’s also some discussion on Jonathan dos Santos and his focus on his contract year and why he’s shown some real dedication in the offseason. He even answered some questions in English, another sign he’s focused on 2021. We’ll explain. 

Finally, we bring you some CoG Breaking News as the Galaxy get ready to sign a 28-year-old defender who was born in Germany but plays his international soccer with Ireland. 

It’s a packed show full of some great Galaxy-talk, and we’re so glad you could join us! The season is just around the corner. Will the Galaxy be ready?