Photo by Steve Carrillo

Podcast: Galaxy improve despite the opponent, and Araujo contract extension is huge for everyone!

The LA Galaxy are doing something that hasn’t been seen since 2010. But can we trust what the numbers are telling us?

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — If the LA Galaxy beat a horrible FC Dallas team, can you tell if they’re improving? You absolutely can! And we want to explain!

On today’s show, host Josh Guesman is flying solo for a bit of refresher on how the Galaxy could take down Dallas without too much issue. But there’s something essential to point out. Josh wants to talk about the effort and not “playing down” to an opponent. 

Plus, Josh discusses the Galaxy’s form and their success through the first 12 games of the season. This team might surprise you when we start comparing what they’re accomplishing on the field. In fact, it might make you take a second look at them. Do the Galaxy deserve to be in the company they’re currently around?

Then we’ll discuss the Galaxy’s signing of Julian Araujo to a U-22 deal and why you should consider it a bit of a coup. With teams around the world jostling for the youngster, what does a 4.5-year contract really mean?

And why does the loss of the Galaxy Academy Director put the Galaxy in a tough bind?

Finally, stick around for information on our live show on July 31st. We’re getting excited, and hopefully, that means we’ll be seeing you there!