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PODCAST: Galaxy either need ambition or to start kicking people in the shins. Maybe both!

The LA Galaxy can’t pull out a win against the Houston Dynamo. They need to do something to get into a groove. They need to peak!

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — A draw wasn’t good enough, but the point still helps the LA Galaxy. Houston didn’t play like the lousy team they are, but you still expect the Galaxy to win a game like that at home. Is Chicharito right? Are the Galaxy lacking ambition?

On today’s podcast, hosts Josh Guesman and Eric Vieira want to dive headfirst into all the disappointing Galaxy feelings that are inhabiting your body and get you to a point where you’re ready for the final ten games of the season. 

Josh and Eric will start by introducing you to our newest podcast game: Secret Word. That’s where you try to guess what our secret word is during the show. Then send us an email. Maybe you’ll win something? Perhaps you won’t? 

The guys will dig into the draw with the Houston Dynamo and discuss some individual players who looked like they didn’t belong on the field for the first half. And there’s one name in here that is playing himself out of a starting position and a contract. 

Plus, the guys will discuss the bad calls the Galaxy were handed and why there probably should have been a penalty for the club in the second half. That being said, if Chicharito buries his 88th-minute shot, the Galaxy get all three points regardless of the bad calls down the stretch. 

Eric will tell you what he thinks is the best XI for the Galaxy, and Josh will cheat to tell you why Eric is wrong. But who would you start in this important game at Minnesota? Are you looking to pair Dejan Joveljić with Chicharito? Do you want a lineup you can build into? And how do you handle rotations with getting your best guys on the field?

But the guys will also give you some ammunition to make those choices and explain who is making a difference on the score sheet and who isn’t. So you’re going to be ready for the discussion. 

Finally, Josh and Eric will tell you what they think of this weekend Minnesota game and why it’s going to be a tougher game but also might set up well for the Galaxy. Maybe this is the one they steal, again?

We’ve got a great show for you, and we’re glad you could stick around and listen to two crazy guys go on and on about the Galaxy. 

Also, hi Carter and Scott!

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