Photo Courtesy of the LA Galaxy

PODCAST: The world is your Pupusa – LA Galaxy outlast NYCFC and get poached by Chicharito.

Sergio Ramos coming to the LA Galaxy? Javier Hernandez inspiring this team? And are you convinced by the defense and the midfield?

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — It always feels good to end week 1 with three points! The fact that the LA Galaxy were able to stubbornly outplay New York City FC in the 90th-minute also means something. And the beers flying, the people screaming, and Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez firing up his teammates also means something. It’s not all nothing. 

On today’s show, hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter discuss the Galaxy’s victory over NYCFC, and talk about the individual performances that both impressed and left us answering some questions. 

The guys will start with the pregame activities that saw them shoveling in the pupusas, leading into their observations of the Galaxy’s play. Plus, Josh will get too upset that the Galaxy didn’t do a formation lineup — he doesn’t like lists. 

Raheem Edwards was one of the big stars on the afternoon, which led to one of the best goals from a “poacher” you’ll see. But Chicharito didn’t just beat Maxime Chanot with his fake; he had a reason behind it. 

Plus, Kevin will dive into the psyche behind Javier Hernandez’s Galaxy transformation. And why the guy who is always smiling and always laughing is taking his stint in LA as seriously as anyone. 

The guys will also discuss the likely suspension of Julian Araujo and why his time with the Galaxy could be shorter than fans want. If Araujo does get tossed for the next couple of games and then goes off to play for Mexico, will he be missing too much time?

Finally, Josh and Kevin dive into the Sergio Ramos rumors and tell you why they’re possible. They’ll even hint at the game plan for getting him. But is that probable? 

We’ve got a packed show that covers many of the angles from Sunday’s win. And we’re delighted you could join us!