Photo Courtesy of the LA Galaxy

PODCAST: A tale of two Kevins in a Galaxy loss – Neither is a Baxter

Kevin Cabral is driving fans crazy. But if he can’t finish, will Greg Vanney pull the plug? LA Galaxy have a lot of thinking to do after Orlando City loss.

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — The LA Galaxy are getting really good at dominating a game only to lose it. And while there’s some criticism of the defense, we think the offense needs to kick it into gear more than the defense. 


Kevin Baxter is away for World Cup Qualifying on today’s show, so it’s up to Josh Guesman to hold down the show all by himself. 

Josh will start by talking about pupusas and what an absolutely gorgeous Saturday we were all having until the Galaxy ruined it. The grass looked terrific, the white uniforms sparkled, and it was just the perfect situation to get a win and enjoy the rest of the weekend. 

Well, that ended in the 9th minute. Was it a defensive breakdown? Yes. Was the defense the problem on Saturday? No. 

Josh will tell you why Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez couldn’t score and why Kevin Cabral was the Galaxy’s best player! Also, why Kevin Cabral was the Galaxy’s worst player. And it’s probably important to gain some perspective on where the Galaxy were last year and what they’re doing in the first four games. 

Plus, Josh will get you audio from Greg Vanney’s post-game press call where he focuses on “patience” and what he sees Cabral doing during games. 

Are you ready to be done with the Cabral experiment? And if you are, who do you place in his spot? Can Vanney be trusted to get the best out of Cabral? And does he have an end to his patience? 

Finally, Josh will lay out the upcoming schedule for next month and tell you why it doesn’t get any easier. In fact, it gets soooooo much harder!

Stats, game recap, Victor Vazquez losing his left foot. This pod has it all!