Photo by Steve Carrillo - LA Galaxy vs Orlando City SC

PODCAST: Trapped in my Shorts – A Cautionary LA Galaxy Tale

Julian Araujo needs more time with Mexico to break his funk and Chicharito needs Mexico to call him in. Both things would be good for the LA Galaxy

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — The LA Galaxy are working through the off-week and now have their sites set on the Portland Timbers. But this Sunday’s game will first have to see some international players return. And if we’re being honest, a couple of them should be getting regular call-ups and playing time, especially for Mexico.

On today’s show, hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter look at two players who should have a more significant role with El Tri but currently don’t. And they look at how that could benefit the Galaxy if it all fell into place. 

But will Julian Araujo flourish under Tata Martino, or will he continue to ride the bench? And is the pressure getting to him? Have we seen that with both the Galaxy and Mexico?

Plus, is Mexico making the same mistake as Jurgen Klinsmann and Sweden? Are they letting their pride keep them from capturing the last competitive breaths of one of their country’s greatest goal-scorers? So what does Javier Hernandez need to do with the Galaxy to get Tata’s attention?

Josh and Kevin will also dive into the Galaxy’s demanding schedule, tell you why the Galaxy still don’t have a TV deal they’ve told us about yet, and why there are three or four pretenders above the playoff line in the Western Conference. And the Galaxy might be one of them. 

We’ve got a packed show tonight, and we’re moving at an unusually quick clip. So buckle up for the return of CoG after a relaxing Thursday off!