Photo by the AMAZING, Steve Carrillo. LA Galaxy vs LAFC

PODCAST: Galaxy saved in El Trafico by max-effort players and VAR

It was another crazy El Trafico. Chicharito and Coulibaly score goals, the Galaxy get saved by LAFC always being offside, and VAR has the final – correct – say.

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — You always know it will be wild. And you always know the game’s outcome is going to be unpredictable. It’s wild and unpredictable. That’s El Trafic in a single sentence. 

But were you prepared for Saturday night’s finish?

On today’s show, hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter discuss the LA Galaxy win over LAFC and why a derby game is always going to be about who wanted it more. 

The guys will start by talking about their experience pregame and why they ate so much excellent food! We’re looking at you, AFJA, and Vegan Hooligans! 

But the real exciting part of El Trafico started before kickoff. With a packed stadium, the Galaxy had a flyover and a wicked coin-toss laugh by Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez. Why was Hernandez laughing at Carlos Vela? 

Plus, Sam Grandsir, Raheem Edwards, Kelvin Leerdam, and others laid it all on the line against LAFC. And it almost fell apart. Why did Galaxy head coach Greg Vanney use five subs? Why did he take Araujo out? Why was the network passing chart so messed up without Mark Delgado? And who was mostly at fault for the Galaxy not getting that third goal?

And don’t you worry. There will be plenty of talking about the VAR call at the end. In fact, it’s funny that it’s mentioned so much because it was one of the most straightforward calls they could have made. And anyone arguing against it wants you to ignore two offside players both getting shots at the goal so that the injustice can wrongly be flipped to the Galaxy? 

Do we have your attention now?

Finally, we’ll get you updated on our Live Show at the LA Galaxy’s Block Party (join us on Saturday), discuss the Galaxy’s Open Cup game against San Diego, and discuss what the Galaxy is running into in Chicago this weekend.