Photo Courtesy of the LA Galaxy

PODCAST PLAYOFF EDITION: LA Galaxy. LAFC. El Trafico. Conference Semi-Finals

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — This game has the biggest game written all over it. But are we right when we say this game has that “global feel?” Will everyone be watching highlights around the world after a Playoff El Trafico?

On today’s special Wednesday edition of Corner of the Galaxy, hosts Josh Guesman and Sophie Nicolaou discuss the matchup between the LA Galaxy and LAFC in the second-ever playoff El Trafico. The lead-up to the game has been swift. But will all eyes be focused on the biggest MLS game of the season?

Josh and Sophie want to talk about all the news items that lead into games like this, and they want to talk about the petty little games each club plays when it comes to an El Trafico. 

Plus, what does it say that the Galaxy have the most momentum they’ve ever had going into one of these rivalry games? Does that come with the danger of being too confident? 

And how will the Galaxy handle the big transitions LAFC is known for?

There’s a lot to talk about. We even get Hammer to drop by and give us a dramatic game preview ahead of the marquee playoff matchup.

The Galaxy have survived to be one of the last eight teams standing. Can they get three more wins if it means hoisting an MLS Cup at the end?