Photo Courtesy of LA Galaxy

PODCAST: Will the LA Galaxy miss Vazquez? Will they sign CR7? Will Perez make a splash?

Johnny Perez is here to stay, Victor Vazquez moves on, and Cristiano Ronaldo is now or never?

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — It’s the quiet season. That’s where the World Cup dominates soccer headlines even while Cristiano Ronaldo makes big news on and off the field. 

On today’s show, host Josh Guesman wants to talk about why the LA Galaxy don’t have much time to close a move for Ronaldo. It’s now or never. And never is a real possibility. But could the Galaxy be that team that balances the East and the West coast? 

Josh also wants to talk about missing out on some of the things Victor Vazquez does well. And will his pick-up by Toronto mean he’s never coming back to LA? Or does it just make it so much harder?

And finally, what does a new contract for Johnny Perez mean for the 19-year-old’s playing time with the first team? Probably nothing. Josh will explain. 

As always, thanks for joining us on this short update about your Galaxy. Do you think we got it all wrong? Then let us know!