Photo Courtesy of LA Galaxy

Podcast: A trip to Coachella, Donovan to the Hall, and more LA Galaxy and CR7 talk?

The LA Galaxy announced the start of their preseason and how many games they’ll be playing in the desert. Plus, LD to the Hall of Fame.

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — Lodged somewhere between the US Men’s National Team making it through to the Round of 16, we’ve got some LA Galaxy announcements. And we might just be helping you plan your annual trip to Coachella with a soccer twist.

Hosts Josh Guesman and Eric Vieira are here to talk about more off-season prep. But that also means some pre-season planning. The Galaxy announced when they’d be reporting for pre-season training, and that is just a little over a month away. 

So does that mean there’s time for Cristiano Ronaldo to turn down $200 million a year to play in Saudi Arabia? And will Josh go back on his “now or never” statement about the world superstar?

Plus, Landon Donovan has been inducted into the US Soccer Hall of Fame. But two people didn’t vote for him. What is wrong with those two people?

Finally, the guys want to talk about our listeners and brag about how much podcasting they’ve done over the last trip around the sun. We think we’ll allow it for now. 

Thanks for listening, and let’s get back into this regular podcasting thing!