PODCAST: Tornados, ChatGPT, Puig is a DP, and the LA Galaxy travel to face FC Dallas

The LA Galaxy play shell games with Riqui Puig’s designation and get ready to face FC Dallas in their first game of the season.

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — 2023’s biggest star has been the weather. The LA Galaxy flew to Dallas on Thursday afternoon at about the same time our scheduled co-host took cover in the Dallas suburbs with the Tornado horns blasting. 

But we’re reasonably certain they’re actually going to play soccer on Saturday night. And that means the season starts now… for reals this time.

Host Josh Guesman (who is alone because everyone else is busy) updates you on all the LA Galaxy news. And some of it is complicated by MLS’ wonderful rules.

Josh will talk about Riqui Puig becoming a Designated Player and why that seems more optics than anything else. Are the Galaxy more flexible because of the move? Or did they turn a Young DP slot into a Max TAM slot? Josh will hopefully explain it all without your head exploding. 

Josh will also discuss the Galaxy’s jersey sales. Are they slipping even when multiple outlets have named them as having the best kit of the season? And why would that be?

Your host will also update you on injuries and what exciting things Greg Vanney said in his press conference on Wednesday. 

Then Josh will take ChatGPT to the next level with the first-ever dramatic game preview provided by AI. It’s humorous, that’s for sure.

Let’s get ready for FC Dallas, everyone. Yee-haw!