CoG: From The Box – Landon Donovan is Happy

On this episode of CoG: From the Box, your hosts LA Galaxy Insider, Adam Serrano and Josh Guesman are joined by and’s Scott French to discuss Landon Donovan’s retirement announcement.

With years of combined experience talking to Landon Donovan, and covering him in all aspects of the game, this is a highly qualified group of people. And while they may not be able to tell you what Donovan is thinking they are more than qualified to talk about his retirement and why they think he was motivated.

Together the guys discuss why this makes sense for Landon, and why it may not make sense for other players. They discuss the differences people see in Landon and why happiness is always a key factor in any decision that is made. Landon Donovan is a different animal than most professional sports athletes and we attempt to briefly explain why.

But at the root of the issue, this podcast is a discussion about what this will do to the LA Galaxy both short and long term. Will the Galaxy be able to use this as motivation? Or will it just add to the pressures in LA? Will this just enlarge the target on the Galaxy’s back, with every team looking to wreck a fairytale ending – an ending that was provided for David Beckham?

And with a DP spot opening what will the LA Galaxy’s long term play be?

This podcast has insight into one of the most perplexing and analyzed American’s in soccer.

We hope you enjoy!