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CoG: From the Box – LA Galaxy Halfway Predictions

We’re discussing second half predictions for this LA Galaxy team. With 17 games played and 17 games to go your LA Galaxy are quickly running out of time. What can they still accomplish this year?

On this episode of Corner of the Galaxy: From the Box your hosts Josh Guesman and LA Galaxy Insider Adam Serrano are joined by freelancer and veteran soccer journalist, Larry Morgan. Larry, Josh and Adam are giving you their predictions for the 2nd half of the season. 50% of the available points have already been decided and it’s up to the LA Galaxy to push hard in the second half in order to make another MLS Cup run.

However, with so much effecting the LA Galaxy in terms of injuries, travel and international absences where do you actually see this team ending up? Where do they finish in the Western Conference? Who’s this year’s team MVP? Who will lead this team in goals at the end of the year? And who will walk away with the team MVP? Will it be Robbie Keane again?

We’re making predictions that are almost 100% assured of being wrong or misguided, but that’s what you tune in for. To hear where the people who cover the LA Galaxy on a daily basis think this team will end up.

So will 2015 end in another MLS Cup? Will the LA Galaxy get out of their CCL group? How will Steven Gerrard impact this team? You know the answers can only be found here on Corner of the Galaxy!

Corner of the Galaxy

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