MLS Expansion Draft Sees LA Galaxy Dodge the Action

Major League Soccer held it’s expansion draft today so that Minnesota United and Atlanta United could fill five roster spots each with players from across the league. We showed you yesterday who was on the LA Galaxy’s list of unprotected players and we even gave you some players that might be chosen, but ultimately, and probably with some relief, the LA Galaxy escaped any roster-changing events and had no players selected during the draft.

So all that panicking and breathing into a paper bag you did over the thoughts of losing Baggio Husidic (he’ll always be bulletproof Baggio to me) were for nothing.

But be sure and check out our post on all of the very important offseason dates that are coming up. And don’t forget! Only when you’ve memorized the starting time and date of Stage Two of the Re-Entry draft can you actually relax.

If you’re interested in who was chosen from today’s Re-Entry draft, then please see the result below:

Now the real fun begins. Atlanta United picked up two goalkeepers and they’re already in the process of trading one of them back to the team they came from. Ah yes, the gamesmanship of the Expansion Draft knows no bounds.

It’s also be rumored that the LA Galaxy’s most recent pick-up, midfielder Miguel Aguilar, was made available to Los Angeles because DC United needed to protect one final international player. By offloading Aguilar, they were able to protect someone like former LA Galaxy midfielder, Marcelo Sarvas.

Up next? The waiver draft! Stay tuned for more LA Galaxy coverage  right here on Corner of the Galaxy.