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Podcast: The tables are shifting, and keeping four “DPs” seems likely for Galaxy

Could the LA Galaxy be on the verge of keeping all four of their Designated Players? Your hosts give you the options that seem likely.

COG STUDIOS, Calif. – The LA Galaxy seem to be nearing a conclusion to their problem with having too many Designate Players. But could the club be keeping all four, and is that now what seems the most likely resolution?

On today’s show, your host Josh Guesman is joined by guest-host Delmy Barillas, to talk about which option the Galaxy seem to be leaning and to figure out if the club can really have their cake and eat it too.

First, the hosts talk about the man with three nicknames, Javier Valdecantos and why he might have the media running laps in the very near future. Is the media mix-up something to be worried about? Or is this just a clash of cultures?

Next, Josh and Delmy dive into the comments made by Galaxy head coach Guillermo Barros Schelotto and why his comments may have been telling us exactly what the club was going to do from the very beginning. Also, we discuss Jonathan dos Santos’ comments about his brother, Giovani dos Santos, and why that also lines up with the latest thinking. 

But should Romain Alessandrini face the brunt of the consequences for Giovani’s failures? Is that fair to the Frenchman? And could the Galaxy make sure they treat Alessandrini right by helping him in other ways?

We’ve got a packed show that is filled with breaking Galaxy news on João Pedro, analysis and quotes from the club’s newest signing, Uriel Antuna, and much, much more as the club prepares for their first preseason game of the 2019 season. 

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