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PODCAST: ‘Retirement’ is what Chicharito meant. And that’s just fine for the Galaxy

Chicharito was officially introduced to the press on Thursday and the guys are giving the biggest takeaways from his arrival, training, and press conference.

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez made a big splash with his arrival in Los Angeles and packed them into his introductory press conference.

On today’s show, hosts Josh Guesman and Eric Vieira are back to discuss some of the more controversial components to the arrival of Mexico’s all-time leading scorer, and why, if you watched any videos on the man, you’re probably going to be rooting for him.

Josh and Eric will start with Chicharito’s arrival and how a private plane from Seville, Spain ended up with a British Airways A380 landing in Los Angeles and nearly 1,000 people chanting and cheering. And while there was surely disappointment over everyone not getting to see him, that this kind of arrival continues to signal the growth of the game in the United States and in LA. Does this arrival happen for Robbie Keane if he comes in 2020?

Plus, Pato and Hammer will discuss the controversial retirement comments and tell you why he probably meant them, just not in the way some will have you believe. And does seeing a player’s raw emotions make you think less of the player?

Next on the docket, Josh and Eric will dive into the details of the Chicharito signing reference a great article from the Athletic. You’re going to want to read it.

Finally, the guys will discuss all the press conference highlights, tell you what kind of “training” Chicharito did today, and eventually tell you what the Galaxy are still missing.

Where does the club need to focus their attention? Where is the club very thin in depth? And where is that second striker the Galaxy needs?

We’ve got a packed show with some new jams, some new lighting, and lots of Galaxy talk! Let’s get this season started!